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Hematopathology in Oncology (Cancer Treatment and Research)

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9781402079191 (1402079192), Springer, 2004

Hematologist/oncologists rely heavily upon the discipline of hematopathology for the care and management of their patients. Whether interpreting a lymph node or bone marrow biopsy, directing a high throughput automated hematology laboratory, or translating testing modalities from the research bench to the clinical laboratory, hematopathologists and other laboratory medicine specialists provide a steady stream of critical data for the clinical practitioner. Recently the rapid advances in diagnosis and treatment of hematologic disorders including the need to evaluate patient eligibility for, and monitor responses to, rapidly evolving targeted therapies have made the close collaboration between pathologists and clinician practitioners even more essential. We hope that this book will enable the reader to learn about the emerging role of the pathologist and clinical laboratory in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of clinical hematology and oncology.

- Provides the reader with insight into the emerging roles of the pathologist and clinical labortory

- This volume includes all the latest concepts in the field