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Perspective Drawing by Marco T. Brand-P2P

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Have you ever been looking around and saw a setting that you absolutely wanted to be able to draw? Maybe it was just the layout of your own living room, or beautiful architecture you happen across while out in the world. Either way, this book will show you how you can capture that beauty and translate it to paper. Using walkthroughs of 10 different settings to show you how to construct an elegantly crafted perspective drawing from any setting. Its a great way to immortalize a sight that you never want to forget, or to tribute a display that has significant meaning. It can be tasking and take some time but the creative and artistic value is priceless and consequently always worth it. Each section will have a step by step walkthrough on how to get from a blank page, to the setting you have before you.

Perspective Drawing: Easy and clear drawing guide for beginners by Marco T. Brand–P2P
English | 161 pages | ePUB | 6.4 MB
Download:  uploadocean suprafilesNTi

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